Some Basic Boat Information



Driving along the highway or country road may not be the travel you dream of. Perhaps your day dreams take you on much more aquatic adventures. Skiing, wakeboarding, fishing or speeding along a lake, river or ocean may be more your style. The unrestricted space of the water, as opposed to a narrow road or street, combined with the entertainment and pleasure found onboard a water vessel are exactly why many opt for boats as their luxury item. For every reason or idea of how to enjoy the water, there are equally as many vehicles to choose from. There are designs made for speed and agility; such vehicles make water sports intense and unforgettable. There are some made for accommodating a large party of 10 people, or even yachts large enough for a few hundred guests. There are lake, ocean, swamp, marsh and river vessels – each with their own designs and features made specifically for certain conditions. There is bound to be a water vessel made just for you.

If you’re like a lot of people, you like your “toys.” Maybe it’s that 1966 Mustang you lovingly refurbished, or a brand-new convertible just off the lot. Or, maybe you are someone who likes to ride motorcycles, but of course it can’t be done in inclement weather. The same goes for boats; what do you do when it’s winter and you can’t take your pride and joy out for a spin on the open water?

When we talk about hobbies; different people feel have different areas of interest. On one hand where some people find solace in music, the others may opt for watching a movie is the ideal stress buster. However, if you are a speed buff, a hobby tailor-made for you is RC boats racing.

People who donate boats understand what they are getting out of the deal. They are helping another human being who cannot afford to, enjoy their life more. That is a great feeling to have, but there are also some financial benefits to that as well. For example, you may be debating between selling or donating cars. If the car has a blue book value of $5,000 you may be thinking that’s a lot of money to pass up on so you decide to put the car up for sale. Well a week goes by and you have some serious interest for the vehicle at the price you want. However you notice that after that week the phone rings less and the people who were interested are either backing out or ignoring your phone calls. The next wave of potential buyers comes through with some of the older prospects, only this wave is different, they know the car has been for sale for a while now and that $5,000 is now an asking price rather than a firm price. The only reason they are interested in your sale is because they think they can get you to significantly drop the price down, which they will be able to do if they are patient enough. As time goes on someone may come to you with a $3,500 offer and you decide to take it because you are so frustrated and just want the torture to end. You don’t realize that you are currently in a buyers market where the people who have the money don’t need to spend it that quickly. If that interested buyer was really going to spend $5,000 on a car they would walk into a dealership and finance one. For $5,000 as a down payment they can get a vehicle worth more than twice that and have low monthly payments. The only reason they want your car is because they don’t want to deal with monthly payments and they think they can get you to drop the price down significantly and their right.

Boats, caravans, and motorhomes use 12 volt pumps in several applications. Fresh water (Potable/drinking water) supply pressure and delivery is maintained by pumps. Sewage or effluent water may be removed with the help of a pump. But what type of pump should be used in a particular application?